End of fast Former basketball star Magic Johnson took his...


March 26, 1993

End of fast Former basketball star Magic Johnson took his fight against AIDS to Japan yesterday, calling for stepped-up research, better education and more compassion for people living with the disease. In Tokyo for an international symposium, he said people infected with the AIDS virus need support from family, friends and society.

"Those people who have HIV, or AIDS, you've got to treat them the same way as before," he said. "The only thing they want is to be treated like a human being."

Amy Fisher sex claim to go to grand jury

Allegations that Joey Buttafuoco had sex with a 16-year-old and therefore underage Amy Fisher are to go before a Nassau County grand jury, officials said yesterday, with testimony from the imprisoned teen-ager to come as early as today.

In a tersely worded statement, District Attorney Denis Dillon, who in October decided not to send the case to the grand jury, said only that he would present to the grand jury "certain allegations" made by Fisher, who is serving a 5- to-15-year sentence for shooting Mr. Buttafuoco's wife, Mary Jo.

Sources close to the case said that the presentation would involve Fisher's charges of statutory rape and that it would not include allegations that Joey Buttafuoco, 37, conspired with her in an attempt to kill Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

Diploma comes a little late

Dave Thomas, the folksy pitchman for his Wendy's restaurants, graduated yesterday from Coconut Creek High School near his Broward County, Fla., home, at the tender age of 60. The man who founded the fast food chain in 1969 was a high school dropout.

He said he grew interested in earning a high school equivalency certificate while on a 26-city tour to promote his book "Dave's Way." People "kept asking me why I say education is so important, yet I never finished school. I didn't have a good answer," he said.

Bombers find love in jail

Two bombers from opposite sides of the bloody struggle in Northern Ireland proved that love can conquer all when they married yesterday in Maghaberry prison near Belfast. Anna Moore, 46, a Roman Catholic, was convicted of killing 17 people at the Droppin' Well pub in Ballykelly in 1982. Bobby Corry, 43, a Protestant, was convicted of killing three people in a pub bombing in 1972.

Following the wedding, the new spouses went back to their cells in different parts of the prison.

Farrow accuses Allen of misbehavior

Mia Farrow got her turn yesterday to testify in her custody battle with Woody Allen, and she said Allen's affair with Soon-Yi Previn began a year earlier than he has admitted. She also accused Mr. Allen of inappropriately playing in bed with their young adopted daughter, Dylan, 7.

Ms. Farrow testified yesterday that Mr. Allen acted inappropriately toward the girl years before Ms. Farrow leveled the allegations. Mr. Allen said last week that investigators in Connecticut cleared him of Ms. Farrow's charge that he molested the girl.


Retired Army Gen. William C. Westmoreland is 79. Comedian Bob Elliott is 70. Conductor-composer Pierre Boulez is 68. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is 63.

Compiled from wire reports by Steve McKerrow

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