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March 26, 1993

Fort Meade horse stables will stay open

The horse stables that Fort Meade officials threatened this month to close will remain open, a base spokesman said yesterday.

Still under review, however, is an auto craft shop and a wood shop. Col. Kent D. Menser, garrison commander, said he is concerned that he might not be able to find money to cover the large deficits they run. The programs do not use tax money, but are financed through fees.

Colonel Menser had considered several options for the horse stables. Horse lovers from all walks of military life complained at a February meeting that the stables were under publicized, underused and poorly managed.

Julius Simms, the public affairs officer for Fort Meade, said he had no details on the plan to keep the stables open and did not know whether the situation with the research center had been resolved.

Crofton town manager submits resignation

Crofton Town Manger Jordan L. Harding officially submitted his resignation letter yesterday, more than two weeks after he told the community association's board that he would step down at the end of April.

Some board members expressed concern at a meeting Monday that Mr. Harding did not announce a date for ending his two-year tenure. The board voted to accept his resignation no later than May 1.

But the one-page letter, dated March 10, gives Mr. Harding's last day as April 30. The 62-year-old town manager had said he was resigning to pursue other interests.

He denied that he quit over a run-in with some board members he accused of micro-managing town hall operations or over his not getting raises for employees.

"Whatever successes I have enjoyed have been achieved with the full support of an unusually dedicated and competent staff, wonderful people I leave with utmost regret," Mr. Harding wrote. "Their uniform loyalty, confidence, and good will have consistently sustained me during some difficult periods of my administration."

Prince George's man hangs in police cell

A Prince George's County man hung himself Tuesday morning from the bars in his holding cell at the county's Western District police station in Odenton, police said.

According to the police report, William Edward Karis, 33, of the 3800 block of 34th Street in Mount Rainer, was arrested before 2 a.m. on a warrant for failing to pay child support and assaulting his girlfriend.

Officers last checked on Mr. Karis at 1:50 a.m. and he appeared fine. At 2:10 a.m., officers checked again and Mr. Karis was found hanging from the bars by his sweater.

Mr. Karis was pronounced dead at North Arundel Hospital.

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