After 60 years on books, labor law to be revised

March 25, 1993|By Newsday

Former Secretary of Labor John T. Dunlop has been named t head a commission whose goal will be to develop a new national policy for the treatment of American workers.

The 10-member Commission on the Future of Worker/Management Relations is to re-examine the 60-year-old National Labor Relations Act. Enacted in an era of labor-management warfare and a worldwide depression, the act was designed to bring peace to the American workplace and to assure the right of workers to join a union.

The Dunlop commission is undertaking its mission in a more complex setting of economic recession, coupled with confusion about the future for American workers in a time of intense international competition for markets and good jobs.

JTC In creating the commission yesterday in Washington, U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich said: "The future competitiveness of the United States and the future living standards of American workers depend largely on the one national resource uniquely rooted within our borders: our people, their education and skills, and their capabilities to work together productively. . . ."

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