Councilwoman To You, 'Mom' To HerExactly who is Frank...


March 21, 1993

Councilwoman To You, 'Mom' To Her

Exactly who is Frank Soltis? Frank Soltis is a man who needs to seriously consider those he hurts with his vicious remarks and verbal attacks.

After reading letter after letter written by Mr. Soltis, I began to wonder: "Is this man's only job making fun of those who have real jobs?" It seems as though he feeds on publicly humiliating those who have strived to make real achievements and those who feel strongly enough in something to fight for it. But a man like Soltis couldn't understand such a person. He couldn't understand a woman like Theresa Pierno, a woman whom I call "mom."

Councilwoman Pierno has chosen to ignore the various verbal attacks directed to her by Frank Soltis . . .

I feel that it is essential for citizens to get involved in issues of concern not only within their county but within their country. Any political system needs public participation. Unfortunately, Frank Soltis has taken this to an all-time low! It has been noted on many accounts that people respond better to careful, thought-out criticism rather than to cruelty and personal attacks. It looks as though our friend Frank hasn't figured that out yet, though. He chooses to use slurs such as "political prostitute" and "The Queen of Socialism." Mr. Soltis also likes to make references to the victim's hometown (Mrs. Pierno was designated the rewarding title of "the Transplant from New Jersey.")

Even I, a 16-year old high school sophomore, know that in order to create change, it is necessary to get down off your recliner (or in Mr. Soltis' case, your high horse) and take action . . . You know Frank, give input? I know that complaining about the world is much easier than changing it . . .

Theresa Pierno isn't just a suit. She's also a wife and mother of two. She truly cares about our world, especially the county she represents. I'm not asking for a Christmas card, just a little compassion, or at very least, respect.

In conclusion, I must say that Frank Soltis has certainly made quite a name for himself. Unfortunately, it also happens to be unprintable.

ulie N. Pierno

Bel Air

Willoughby Beach

Having read with interest your article on the Harford County Council (Feb. 21), I would like to offer a view of the council in action.

Last month, they met to consider funding for improvement of Willoughby Beach Road. It was a well-attended meeting with everyone in agreement that an improvement was warranted. In spite of a significant majority's opposition to an ill-conceived, three-block long, five-lane roadway, none on the council considered a redesign to three lanes. Common sense should have prevailed to realize that five lanes channeling into two lanes at either end and a five-lane school crossing was an invitation to disaster.

Councilman Philip Barker, a courtly gentleman, expressed a belief that the public, being innately courteous, would slow down for the students. This is the same public that breaks beer and soda bottles on the school sidewalk, litters and has yet to slow down. Councilman Barker has not yet awakened to living in the "me" generation.

Councilwoman Theresa Pierno, whom I believe to be the brightest by far on the council, suggested that the roadway be striped for three travel lanes. Bad idea! The children would still have five lanes to cross. On Route 924, the county had to erect "Do not drive on the shoulder" signs, and that was shoulders, this is a roadway. Striped or not, some would always drive on the shoulder.

Councilwoman Susan Heselton was the shocker of the evening. She voiced an angry, vehement demand that the money be appropriated that night. Since this is a two-year project, what is your rush, councilwoman? And why so much anger? The vehement demand does arouse questions of motives.

Improvement is the last piece of "Facilities in Place" requirements. Developers have been snapping up land like hungry sharks. This includes land around the extension from Edgewood Road to Route 24 which creates another intersection in the middle of nowhere and another place for accidents to happen. It appears that the council has improved facilities for the main benefit of developers using taxpayer money.

The prize for dumb ideas goes to the Board of Education which proposed building a fence along the school grounds in the belief that it would force the students to walk all the way to Perry Avenue before crossing the five lanes. For a school board, they don't seem to know much about children! Anyway, with all of the schools' needs, it seems that there must be more important places to spend the education funds.

arry Battaglia


Teachers Need Time, Respect, Too

In the Feb. 7 edition of The Sun, we read about parents' problems with child care on the eight half-day release planning times for elementary teachers. However, there is another side to that coin: the teachers' needs for understanding their problems.

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