Hospital Records No Minor MatterI am writing in regards to...


March 21, 1993

Hospital Records No Minor Matter

I am writing in regards to the letter to the editor that was published on Feb. 21 in The Sun. The letter was titled "No Danger" and was written by John Sernulka of Westminster. The letter concerned a previous article (Feb. 14) referring to Carroll County General's record-keeping procedures.

It appears that Mr. Sernulka took some offense at the article . . . I would like to properly identify Mr. Sernulka. John Sernulka is the executive vice president of Carroll County General Hospital. . . .

Even though Carroll County General Hospital is considered a non-profit business, the hospital is owned by Carroll County rTC Health Services, which is a profit-making business. Many members of the hospital's board also serve as members of the Board of Carroll County Health Services . . .

Accountability is the word that needs to be applied in reference to the matter involving the records at Carroll County General Hospital. It can't be watered down or neutralized by simply stating that other hospitals have the same problems with records. This is not a problem that involves equipment or machinery, but people. People's health care needs and their very lives depend on the accuracy of these records . . .

Carroll County General is the only hospital within Carroll County. It has almost monopolized the health care business in this county, and if it is having problems fulfilling its role in the community by keeping accurate records, then I think it's time for a second hospital. . . . I would like to personally applaud The Sun's efforts in this matter.

James W. Main


'Keep It Country'? Be Serious!

After reading the recent articles regarding Commissioner Donald Dell's proposed extension of Interstate 795, I am outraged at his audacity and irresponsibility. I cannot believe that Mr. Dell's vision for "Keeping It Country" is to promote a ridiculous plan like this to civic groups and the press.

My problems with his plan are multiple, but begin with the simple fact that his map has placed an overpass either very near or atop my home. Simply put, I like it where I live, do not care to live near an expressway and do not care to sell my lifestyle to Mr. Dell's version of progress, regardless of the newly established airport-buddy appraisal method. . . . I feel betrayed because I thought I had voted for three commissioners who would represent the general taxpayers' interest, not just a few special interests. I must have misinterpreted what "Keep it Country" means, because it appears that agricultural preservation is merely an excuse to provide a greater number of development lots and exploit the county's resources. One corner of this commissioner's mouth seems to say that we need to spend tax dollars to preserve agriculture, while the other side of his mouth decrees that we must rezone the farms because farming is dead here. Which is it, Mr. Commissioner?

If this highway/incinerator proposal were simply the lamebrained scheme of one person, merely a matter of discussion, it would be one thing. Unfortunately, Mr. Dell has gone so far as to make the proposal official by publishing the map, complete with re zonings, road locations, sewer plant, abolition of three proposed bypasses and finally, an incinerator. . . . Should we choose to sell out now to get away from this monstrosity? I doubt that we could. Who would want to buy our property and move into harm's way at current property values? . . .

This engineering marvel of a roadway which Donald Dell has concocted no doubt will gain support from the paving contractors, real estate developers, incinerator builders and chosen few property owners who will make financial gain from it.

But what about poor Joe Citizen who just pays his or her taxes and enjoys living in the rapidly diminishing Carroll countryside? What possible benefit will come to those stuck in the Hampstead/Manchester gridlock? What does Baltimore City think of having the incinerator discharge its waste into the Liberty watershed via the North branch of the Patapsco River? Why did the commissioners just appoint a committee to study whether Carroll should have a waste-to-energy plant when Donald Dell has already decided where it is to go?

I believe the commissioners (plural) should retract this irresponsible proposal, unless they intend to begin acquiring the land for it. Mr. Dell is free to dream all he wishes. But he should keep his map in his desk drawer until, and if, he has what it takes to bring his preposterous proposal to . . . face the music at public hearings.

Deborah L. Ridgely


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