School union seeks 7 percent pay increase

March 21, 1993|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

Negotiators for school clerks, instructional assistants and nurses asked the Carroll Board of Education for a 7 percent raise Friday.

They also requested a study that could give licensed practical nurses the increased salary and professional classification they are seeking.

The union stressed the need to give senior employees a fair shot at promotions and to maintain language that allows a fired employee to get a third-party to arbitrate a decision by a school administrator.

Edwin Davis, director of pupil services, represented the board at the talks.

He proposed a package similar to that offered to other classified employees this month.

To all groups, the school board is offering to change contract language that allows maternity leave for an adoption only if the child is age 1 or younger. The new language would allow the leave for adoption of a child of any age.

As spelled out by agreements between the board and the unions that represent local school employees, the 27 nurses working as licensed practical nurses (some are registered nurses, but the positions require only LPN certification) are part of the Carroll Association School Employees.

But the LPNs this year have protested their pay level and status as classified employees at two public meetings. They say they are trained professionals with responsibilities that range from administering medication to counseling students on AIDS.

The nurses have asked to join the Carroll County Education Association, the teacher union. The union already represents the handful of registered nurses who deal with more serious medical problems.

At the bargaining table yesterday, CASE chief negotiator Steve Bittner asked the board to agree to a mutual study of all the positions in that unit. The study would determine what jobs might deserve to be reclassified.

The average salaries for all employees in the group is about $16,500 for 10 months and about $20,000 for 12 months, Mr. Bittner said.

The nurse's scale goes from $12,443 for a first-year nurse to $16,722 after seven years.

Negotiations are expected to conclude by April 8 so the school board can vote April 14 on a supplemental budget request to the county to pay for any negotiated cost-of-living increases.

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