A No-Excuses Pool

March 21, 1993|By Yolanda Garfield

Tiny yard? Summer's too short? Dread the maintenance? What's your excuse for not getting a pool when you'd really like one? Gary Hohne of Hohne Pools & Spas, voted by Aqua magazine as one of the top 100 swimming pool companies in the United States, is not interested in excuses. Especially since he now builds Swim Spas -- tiny, virtually maintenance-free pools with multiple, year-round uses.

This pool, only 8 feet wide by 16 feet long, combines the benefits of therapeutic massage at one end with a space for serious workouts at the other. At the therapeutic end, jets are positioned around a horseshoe-shaped bench. At the workout end, the water blast carries enough power to ensure comfortable lap swims or jogging in place.

This Swim Spa is built of shotcrete, a form of concrete. Its white plaster finish is enhanced by a blue ceramic variegated tile at the water line. As a safety feature, tiles also band the edge of the four steps leading into the pool.

Though this small pool is no cheaper to build than a traditional one, there is cost savings, however, in the heating. In this case, pool temperatures are kept at 85 degrees in the summer, and as high as 105 in the winter. Average year-round heating cost: $20 monthly. And thanks to its small size, side skimmers and a drain, the Swim Spa is virtually self-cleaning. An automatic chlorinator disinfects it.

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