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March 17, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

Hampstead Town Council members braved the snowdrifts Monday to discuss painting another crosswalk at Boxwood Drive and North Woods Trail -- only to deadlock on the question, forcing it to be tabled until next month.

Dwight Womer of Gaming Square asked the council to paint a crosswalk across North Woods Trail on the east side of Boxwood Drive. He said the crosswalk would make the walk to Spring Garden Elementary School safer for his 6-year-old son, Bryan, and other neighborhood children.

"It's for the safety of the children," he said. "It gives them a safe place to cross the street."

He gave the council a petition that he said had signatures of 68 residents who supported the proposal.

Councilman Gary W. Bauer was absent from Monday's meeting. When Councilman Lewis O. Keyser Jr. proposed that the council leave the intersection as it is, the vote split 2-2.

Councilman Arthur H. Moler voted with Mr. Keyser to keep the intersection as it is. Councilwoman Jacqueline Hyatt and Councilman William S. Pearson Sr. voted against the proposal.

Mr. Keyser said his main objection was that the crosswalk would link a sidewalk with an area that has no sidewalk. He said doing that would go against national traffic regulation standards.

If residents could find a way to put in a sidewalk on North Woods Trail, the council could approve the crosswalk, he said.

Wayne Thomas, president of the local homeowners association, said he supports the crosswalk and said he would ask Martin K. Hill, who owns the lot where there is no sidewalk, if he would install one there.

Because the council deadlocked, the matter will be reconsidered at the next meeting.

The council also passed an emergency ordinance to revise town voter registration rules. Town Clerk Pat Warner said the new ordinance extends the registration deadline to 30 days prior to the election. It formerly was seven days prior to the election.

The 30-day limit is in line with what Carroll County does, Ms. Warner said.

Hampstead's election is scheduled May 11. The deadline to register to vote, or to file as a candidate for town council, is April 12.

The council finished the evening with a flourish of activity, passing 22 ordinances that had been introduced at the February council meeting.

Each was passed by a vote of 4-0.

One new ordinance will allow the town Board of Zoning Appeals to reconsider decisions if a written request is filed within 30 days of the original decision and if the board finds "good cause" to reconsider.

Most of the new ordinances were housekeeping measures aimed at cleaning up inconsistencies in the town code.

For example, one changes a reference in one section from the "Clerk-Treasurer" to the "Town Manager." Hampstead no longer has a clerk-treasurer.

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