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March 16, 1993|By VICKI WELLFORD

Cub Scout Pack 269, sponsored by the Four Seasons Women's Club, recently held its annual Blue and Gold Banquet.

Cubmaster Mark Hagensick presented the following advancement awards: Bobcat rank -- Stephen Tourville; Wolf rank -- Joey Frykman, Craig Maley, Patrick Price, Andy Walther, Matthew Yates, Lovett Roberson, Freddy Downing, Kevin Zoblisein, Sean Danahy, Lance Bell, Devon Hof, and Michael Strang; Bear rank -- Billy Bergbauer, Tim Anderson and Matt Hagensick. A gold arrow was also earned by Michael Strang, Billy Bergbauer and Tim Anderson. Matt Hagensick received one gold and one silver arrow.

The Webelos compass emblem was awarded to Brett Bosher, Sean Byrnes and Matt Seaton. Sean Linton received a compass point device.

Webelos activity badges went to: Artist -- Trevor Allen, Michael Hodgkiss, Jason Mayo, Jacob McNamee, Daniel Parmentier, Clint Sullivan, Daniel Sonntag and Stephen Tourville; Craftsman Joseph Danahy, Brian Bartimo, John Hamrick Jr., Sean Linton, Mark Tyler and Joe Napier-Carr; Showman and Sportsman -- Brett Bosher and Sean Byrnes; Handyman and Showman -- Michael Innes and Matt Seaton; Showman -- Matt Coulter, Kevin Farber, Brad Hurst, Bart Maxwell and Marty Shatzer.

A recruiter badge was earned by Michael Hodgkiss. Academic belt loops for music were awarded to Craig Maley, Bart Maxwell, Matt Coulter and Tim Anderson. Sports awards were presented as follows: Ultimate (flying disk) belt loop -- Joe Napier-Carr and Mark Tyler; Skiing belt loop -- Brian Bartimo; Bowling belt loop -- Matt Coulter, Bart Maxwell, Michael Innes and Brett Bosher.

The following students from Arundel High School have excelled both in the classroom and on the athletic field. The "Minds in Motion" award is an MPSSAA-sponsored award for student/athletes with a grade point average of 3.25 or better.

The athletes are: Brian Bayne, Cecelia Beach, Fred Beadenkopff, Gregory Booth, Brian Borden, Ann Breneman, Mark Chesla, William Clyburn, Eugene Collins, Anthony Costanza, Shauna Donahue, Mike Fairbanks, Rob Fannon, Matthew Fickus, Sarah France, Heather Frick, Eric Furtado, James Garippa, John Golombeck, Kim Gonski, Virginia Gonski, Robert Greenip, Melissa Haga, Casey Harrington, Lisa Howard, Kimberly Humelsine, Brian Johnson, Steven Kane, Kimberly Kesselman, Michele Klaczak, Kim Klinger, Lesley Knowles, Ryan Markish, Carla Mavarro, Sarah Melby, Dave Meussner and Aaron Mills.

Also: Blair Morse, Jenny Mottar, Christina Nichols, Jonathan Nichols, Shannon Noon, Jenny Nordgren, Alyssa Omwake, Christine Plumb, Paul Pointek, Shannon Quinn, Michael Rodgers, Matthew Sakal, Brandon Sands, Claudet Satterfield, Jonathan Saverance, Adam Sayani, Sally Schoenfield, Ellen Schmitt, Kristen Smeby, Alina Smith, Sean Soyars, Jennifer Squillari, Venki Sundararajan, Tara Surlis, Robert Sutton, James Taylor, David Tilman, Casey Trout, Michael Veasey, Andy Vermillion, James Viera, Geoffrey Warren, Daniel Water, Nancy Willis, Jennifer Wilson, Ruth Wilson, James Woods and Jennifer Woods.

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