From The Sun March 14-20, 1843March 16: The propriety...


March 14, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun March 14-20, 1843

March 16: The propriety, nay, the necessity of having the houses of our city properly numbered, must be so obvious to every person, that any suggestion to the Council on the subject would seem to be superfluous.

March 17: This is the day -- St. Patrick's Day -- the 17th of March -- the day which Irishmen everywhere, whether on "the old sod" itself, or in any part of "the habitable globe," are wont to observe as a regular-built holyday.

From The Sun March 14-20, 1893

March 14: Port Deposit, Md. -- The ice gorge of 1893 is a thing of the past, but will long live in the memory of many who witnessed it and suffered by it. The water, however, did not get as high this

time by ten feet as it did in 1877.

March 15: The electric cars were running on regular time yesterday between Waverly car stables and the Five Mile House on the York Road.

From The Sun March 14-20, 1943

March 14: Faced with increasing food shortages, Baltimoreans still will have shad to eat this year, but they will have less than in previous years and will pay more for it.

March 15: Housewives, businessmen, motorists, filling-station operators and a druggist were among twenty-nine persons who will face grand jury action as a result of weekend hearings in local police courts on charges of violating blackout rules during the March 4 test.

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