Stop AtrocitiesConcerning Bosnia-Herzegovina: I am not...


March 12, 1993

Stop Atrocities

Concerning Bosnia-Herzegovina: I am not inclined toward military solutions where political solutions are possible, but for the first time in my life, I would favor U.S. intervention in force in a foreign country.

It seems to me that an acceptable political solution is not possible in Bosnia, and that allowing the Serbs to consolidate their conquest-by-atrocity is not only unconscionable, but very dangerous.

Morally, what is happening is altogether too much like what happened in Nazi Germany. Someone -- the Europeans by themselves, or NATO, or the U.S. -- should be willing to say that what is happening is intolerable, and be willing to put a stop to it by force.

Strategically, the danger is not only that this war may become a general Balkan war, although that is certainly a possibility.

There are also the broader lessons that rape, murder, and ethnic cleansing are effective as instruments of conquest, and that the international community is incapable of mustering a meaningful response.

There are plenty of places in Europe and the former Soviet Union and the rest of the world where such lessons may have terrible consequences in the coming few years.

Sanctions have not slowed down the atrocities in Bosnia, and the U.N. negotiations are simply being used by Serbia and the Serb militias to give themselves time to extend and consolidate their territorial gains.

Unless we want to validate conquest by means of atrocity, it is time to roll back the Serb militias by force.

Tim Cliffe


Jacobs' Gift

On page one of The Sun's Feb. 27 Business section, in large type it says, "Jacobs forgoes pledge."

By reading the article, it would appear to me that you secured this information from City Councilman Anthony Ambridge. I believe it is ridiculous for Mr. Ambridge to discuss Mr. Jacob's failure to meet a charitable pledge . . .where there is a long history of financial problems.

I don't know Mr. Jacobs, but I would be inclined to believe that when he made the pledge, he intended to keep it.

But I definitely believe that this was a matter that should have been privately handled between the hospital and Mr. Jacobs. A gift to a charity is a private matter between the donor and donee, and is not the business of politicians or of your paper.

Alleck A. Resnick


Equal Access

Now that President Clinton has accepted the invitation to throw out the first ball at the Orioles opening game, I think the opposition is entitled to equal time. Why not invite Rush Limbaugh to catch it?

Charles Hebler


When in Rome

Reading Glenn Small's Feb. 14 article brought to mind a past controversy involving two Baltimore County gun clubs and nearby residents.

Unfortunately, the problem arose due to mismanaged growth and a lack of common sense zoning on the part of the county government.

Builders were permitted to develop the open land surrounding the clubs within a very close proximity of their property lines, in a few areas as close as 50 yards.

Prior to the dwellings becoming occupied, real estate agents were notified by the clubs' leaders to inform prospective buyers that they would be residing near an active firing range and would be subjected to noise caused by discharging firearms.

The clubs went as far as to place signs along their property lines indicating the same. It couldn't be said that no effort was made by the clubs to heed the warning.

Once the new kids on the block planted their roots, complaints of loud noise and concern for public safety commenced.

The clubs alluded to the fact that they had existed at their respective locations for 50 years, and that they are recognized as an asset to the community.

I am happy to say these clubs still exist, and I haven't heard of anyone's safety placed in jeopardy or of anyone becoming deaf.

As to the complaining family in your story, I understand the concern for their safety, but it is not a factor. From what I gather no laws were broken.

My advice to them is if you move to Rome, you do as the Romans do.

If you feel that you cannot, you must learn to tolerate others' ways of life as long as they are within the laws, and especially when they were there first.

As to the group doing the shooting, it seems that there are grounds for a lawsuit for violation of their civil rights as well as their Second Amendment constitutional rights.

Roger W. Lambie Sr.



After reading Nelson Marans' letter, "After 2 Neros," March 5, wigging the Republicans for being obstructionist, one thought occurs.

The March 6 Sun printed an item reminding everyone that Nero Clinton and Nero Gore are working toward ending waste in government.

They have formed a committee.

Oh boy!

John E. Mullikin


Drug Costs

You ran an ad March 2 supposedly ". . . from the people who work in Pharmaceutical Companies." The ad was signed by "America's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies."

I am curious, who paid for the ad? I'm willing to bet it wasn't any group of people who work for these companies themselves.

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