Bomb ingredients traced

March 10, 1993|By Newsday

NEW YORK -- The bombing conspirators used 1,200 pounds of explosives -- triggered by nitroglycerin -- to blow a six-story hole in the bowels of the World Trade Center, sources say.

Working in a dimly lit, 10-by-10 storage locker in Jersey City, N.J., the bombers mixed the deadly brew in the days before the blast, coming and going often as they created their lethal package, sources said yesterday.

The ingredients form a TNT-type explosive called "nitro-urea," a highly volatile substance used by terrorists in the Middle East to create pipe bombs.

Investigators traced the ingredients and figured out where and how the conspirators purchased them. By subtracting the amount left in the locker from the amount purchased, officials determined that 1,200 pounds were packed into the van, sources said.

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