Medical center discharges wounded Bosnian refugee ANNAPOLIS/SOUTH COUNTY -- Davidsonville * Edgewater * Shady Side * Deale

March 10, 1993

Visiting Bosnian refugee Abid Kadric has been released from Anne Arundel Medical Center and placed on outpatient status while doctors continue to evaluate his condition.

Medical center spokeswoman Nancy Thornton said yesterday that Mr. Kadric, who was wounded while fighting in the former Yugoslavia, was released from the hospital Friday.

His doctor, Allen Egloff, determined that Mr. Kadric did not require hospitalization while undergoing tests on his left foot, Ms. Thornton said.

Mr. Kadric, 39, was shot in the foot in May, resulting in an open fracture of the left heel. He has been unable to walk without canes.

Mr. Kadric is staying with a Croatian-American family in the Annapolis area. He is expected to remain in the area for at least the next three months.

Ms. Thornton said it was not clear what tests were being performed. She added that doctors will decide whether Mr. Kadric's injury requires surgery or physical therapy after they complete the tests.

A former construction worker, Mr. Kadric came to the medical center through the International Organization for Migration, which has helped refugees around the world for more than 40 years.

The organization placed a advertisement in the Orthopedics Overseas newsletter asking doctors to provide free treatment for patients, and Dr. Egloff offered his assistance.

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