WBAL Radio denies report on O's sale was misleading

March 09, 1993

WBAL Radio, which led its newscasts yesterday morning with reports about the sale of the Orioles, said yesterday that the report was intended to say a sale to Cincinnati investors is likely, not that it has been completed.

During yesterday's morning news program, Jeff Rimer, a sports reporter for the station, reported on developments in talks between businessman William O. DeWitt Jr. and Eli S. Jacobs, the team's current owner.

In one report, Rimer said: "Months of speculation on the sale of the Orioles will soon end. WBAL Radio has learned Bill DeWitt Jr., leading the group of Cincinnati investors to purchase the Orioles, will buy the team for $135 million cash plus assume all deferred monies owed players, which I am told is not believed to be substantial."

Rimer also reported that the DeWitt group was offering to pay $135 million for the Orioles. The offer was considered the most attractive for the team because Jacobs would receive cash, Rimer said.

The Evening Sun, citing the WBAL report, said the station had reported that the sale to DeWitt had been completed.

Jeff Beauchamp, WBAL vice president and station manager, said yesterday, "The Evening Sun story was misleading because too many assumptions are made. The pieces we ran throughout the course of the morning were detailed. They explained what new information we had obtained.

"The [Evening] Sun's piece, more frankly, was focused on it being a done deal when we never said the team had been sold or that it was a done deal."

Orioles spokesman Rick Vaughn said yesterday: "Any reports that the club has been sold are totally untrue."

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