HERE'S a sign of these politically correct...


March 09, 1993

HERE'S a sign of these politically correct times:

"Washington (Reuter) -- Attorney General nominee Janet Reno has listed membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution as her only questionable activity, but says she does not think that should prevent her confirmation.

"Reno, in biographical information submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, said she belongs to 24 groups, including the National Society of the DAR since 1964.

" 'I have heard some concern that the society might have discriminated but, upon checking several years ago and today, I have been told that the society does not discriminate,' she told the committee, which released copies of her statement."

* * *

WE WERE reminded the other day of one of those amusing stories that helps take the sting out of the indignities of advancing age.

It seems that two old friends, senior citizens both, encountered each other on the street. For the past several years life had taken them in opposite directions, and since they each had some time on their hands they decided to get reacquainted over a cup of coffee.

After several minutes of chatting, one of them summoned the courage to ask a delicate question. "You know," he said, "this is embarrassing, but I can't remember your name. Please tell me."

From across the table came an even more embarrassed response: "How soon do you have to know?"

* * *

DID we hear this right?

A friend reports hearing an item on the radio saying Chelsea Clinton needed parental permission to be given an aspirin at school. "Call my dad," she allegedly told school officials. "My mom's too busy."

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