Robber shot dead by Baltimore grocer Man also robbed store in December

March 08, 1993|By Kris Antonelli and Eric Siegel | Kris Antonelli and Eric Siegel,Staff Writers

Hyong Kun Pak said he has faced a robber only twice in the 12 years he has run the B & K Food Market in Northwest Baltimore -- and both times it was the same man.

But Saturday night's robbery attempt turned out differently from the first encounter, Dec. 29: Mr. Pak shot the holdup man to death with a .357-caliber Magnum handgun.

"He grabbed my partner [Yun Dok Koo, 57] and put the gun at his neck," said Mr. Pak, owner of the corner grocery in the 3000 block of Wylie Ave.

As a scuffle ensued, Mr. Pak pulled his own gun from behind a store counter, and Mr. Koo -- standing between two men with drawn guns -- ducked out of the line of fire.

"I didn't even know if I had hit him," Mr. Pak said. "I yelled, 'Drop the gun, drop the gun.' Then he dropped the gun and fell down and I saw the blood coming from his neck."

The robber, identified as Donald Lee Baker, 18, of the 4600 block of Reisterstown Road, was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

"I'm still so upset," said Mr. Pak. "I got home at midnight and I haven't slept. I took a sleeping pill and it hasn't helped."

Police said no charges had been filed against Mr. Pak, but that the incident would be reviewed by the city state's attorney's office.

Mr. Pak, who lives in Glen Burnie, said an armed robbery outside his store in 1981 prompted him to buy the gun.

"I don't like the gun," he said, adding that he began keeping the weapon under the cash register after the Dec. 29 robbery.

During that robbery, Mr. Pak said, the man brought merchandise to the counter as if to pay for it.

He grabbed Mr. Koo and said he would kill him if Mr. Pak did not give him all the money.

"I gave him the money in the cash register," Mr. Pak said.

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