Michael I. Blum

March 07, 1993

. . . I believe Bel Air is run far better, and is better off, than Harford County. . . . I see no reason at this time to raise the tax rate; we missed a good opportunity with the Kmart expansion, and so we need to work with the surrounding (not in the town) neighborhoods to make sure the large undeveloped parcel back of Tollgate Mall becomes a central, attractive commercial site, with a good hotel and sufficient space for holding special events . . .

We need to bolster our town police department, led by Chief Matrangola. Bel Air's happy, friendly atmosphere must be preserved at all costs, and law enforcement, which keeps us safe, our neighborhoods nice and our businesses attractive, should be better supported.

We must immediately fire a shot across the county's bows on the library issue: the library is a big part of what makes this town dynamic.

Third, the Bond Street plan must continue to be supported . . .

And . . . we must act now on the tipping fee issue: Harford County's attempt to renege on the agreement to give the town 99 years of no-charge access to landfill, in exchange for the land on which the detention center now stands.

The county lost in court once before on this issue, but now, with a new County Council, it seems to be headed for litigation. Meanwhile, the county drags its feet on granting permits to needed town commercial projects.

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