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March 05, 1993

Community center is handicapped accessible

As of last night, the Union Bridge Community Center is accessible to the disabled, Town Councilman Scott W. Davis said.

After seven months of working on the building at Ladiesburg Road and Locust Street, contractors have completed renovations to the restrooms and have marked spaces in the parking lot for vehicles bearing handicapped plates.

"We've just finished up the last things for the bathrooms," said Mr. Davis, the council's liaison with the town parks board.

Doors to the restrooms had to be widened from 32 inches to 36 inches, Mr. Davis said, and some bathroom facilities were widened and lowered to accommodate new toilets and wheelchairs.

The sinks, mirrors and vanity tables were raised to allow wheelchairs to slide underneath.

"I personally wrapped the pipes underneath the sinks so that [disabled persons] would not be burned if they sat up to use the hot water," Mr. Davis.

The work cost $7,500, about $2,500 less than had been budgeted.

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