March 03, 1993

Golf course committee to hold first meeting

The North County Advisory Committee, which will focus on the construction of a public golf course on Fort Smallwood Road, will hold its first meeting tonight.

The committee, composed of 10 members and an alternate from the surrounding community, will work with William Rinehart, director of Parks and Recreation, as the county selects contractor. Committee members will have input into the approval process, but will not ultimately have the power to approve or reject the project, said Councilman Carl G. Holland.

The county has set aside 130 acres for the proposed golf course and has an option to purchase 30 more acres from Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

The private contractor will pay for the construction of the golf course by obtaining its own bond and will be reimbursed through user fees once the course is in operation.

The committee will meet at 7 p.m. in Room 209, Classroom D of the Arundel Center North in Glen Burnie.

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