MONDAY SENATEBudget and Taxation: Budget hearings for...


February 28, 1993


Budget and Taxation: Budget hearings for Lottery Agency and juvenile services, 1 p.m., Room 100.


* Appropriations: HB734, St. Mary's College of Maryland; HB831, HB1437 University of Maryland System Board of Regents; HB844, distribution of revenues from uninsured driver penalties; HB987, contracts authority for Board of Community Colleges Trustees in Prince George's County; HB1022, light rail projects; HB1087, family practice rotations in medical schools; HB1113, noncertified public school employees; HB1144, motorcycle safety program funding; HB1282, Auxiliary and Academic Facilities Bonding Authority, 1 p.m., Room 130.



Subcommittee on Public Safety, Transportation, Economic Development and Natural Resources: budget hearings for the Maryland Port Administration and natural resources, 1 p.m., Room 400.

* Subcommittee on Health, Education and Human Resources: budget hearings for Department of Human Resources child support enforcement and income maintenance, 1 p.m., Room 100.

* Budget and Taxation: SB648, SB839, tobacco tax; SB654, amusement and gaming devices tax; SB782, circuit breaker property tax credit; SB785, property tax bills statement on home improvement contractors, 7 p.m., Room 100.

* Economic and Environmental Affairs: SB403, fishery management plans; SB464, recreational fishing licenses for striped bass; SB465, methods of taking striped bass; SB466, scope of boat license; SB467, tidal sport fishing license, 1 p.m., Room 200.

* Finance: SB426, tests and examinations by out-of-state medical laboratories; SB485, Maryland Health Resources Planning Commission exemptions; SB514, home medical equipment providers; SB537, redomestication of Home Maintenance Organizations; SB704, SB824, Health Services Cost Review Commission; SB710, Medical Protocols and Access Demonstration Project; SB770, HMOs agreements with out-of-state providers, 1 p.m., presidential wing.

* Judicial: SB219, action by grandparents for custody of grandchild; SB331, unified family court; SB332, family court; SB369, surrogate parentage contracts; SB532, child custody and visitation; SB612, grandparents' visitation rights; SB613, SB702, child support enforcement; SB688, corporal punishment for child abuse and neglect; SB709, false reports of child abuse and neglect; SB718, Harford County marriage license fees; SB743, Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; SB825, criminal background investigations of child care facilities; SB847, foster care permanency plan, 1 p.m., Room 300.


* Appropriations: HB930, energy conservation; HB941, revenue bonds; HB1025, State Board of Mandate Review; HB1088, bill synopses and fiscal notes; HB1100, energy conservation in state buildings; HB1141, revenue bonds for Convention Center facilities; HB1219, fair competition; HB1284, state fire marshal, 11 a.m., Room 130.

* Subcommittee on Education and Transportation: budget hearings for St. Mary's College; register of wills, judiciary, clerks of the court, public defender, attorney general, state prosecutor, 2 p.m., Room 431.

* Subcommittee on Health and the Environment: budget hearings for Health Department health policy and regulation; Department of Employment and Economic Development business development, financing programs, tourism and promotion, international division, business resources, 2 p.m., Room 406.

* Subcommittee on Human Resources and Public Safety: budget hearings for department of personnel, Injured Workers Insurance Fund, Retirement and Pension System, Supplemental Retirement Plan, 2 p.m., Room 130.

* Economic Matters: HB94, HB95, HB248, HB350, HB390, HB427, HB450, HB461, HB465, HB477, HB523, HB561, HB588, HB594, HB597, HB635, HB668, HB698, HB701, HB779, HB864, HB871, HB973, HB976, HB1056, HB1227, HB1228, HB1229, HB1230, HB1232, HB1233, HB1241, HB1247, HB1251, HB1252, HB1293, HB1301, HB1393, HB1418, bills dealing with alcoholic beverages and liquor laws.

* Environmental Matters: HB819, Sanitary landfill systems requirements; HB1055, recycled content of plastic containers; HB1133, clean air act; HB1204, hazardous waste; HB1215, waterless toilets and gray water disposal systems; HB1317, daily cover for landfill systems; HB1376, extension of State Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems; HB1394, oil contaminated site environmental fund; HB1436, sewage sludge application; HB1459, deer hunting moratorium before firearms season; HB1492, youth camps; HJ22, Maryland Energy Policy, 1 p.m., Room 160.

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