Truth: The Serum Often AvoidedI believe that the root of...


February 28, 1993

Truth: The Serum Often Avoided

I believe that the root of many of our societal problems is our fear of the truth. Scripture says, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Indeed, truth does have immeasurable power to liberate. But equally important is its power to convict, to silence even the most educated men and women.

Truth knows no religious affiliation, political party or social agenda. It recognizes no gender, sexual orientation or minority status. . . . And because such truth is often hard to swallow, most of us merely close our eyes to it. Very few of us have the lTC courage to actively seek the truth, much less accept it. Consequently, we are content to distort, ignore or deny the truth in order to justify our own beliefs and ambitions. Truth has been diluted to the point that it is nothing more than an empty ideal to be used for personal gain and then discarded.

Our forefathers, in establishing this country, recognized that certain truths were "self-evident." Many in our society today say that such inherent truth does not exist, that truth is anything we want it to be. I contend, however, that the problem is not the existence of inherent truth, but rather our unwillingness to find it.

Christopher Boggs

Bel Air

Does 'Emperor' Know He's Naked?

To characterize Jeffrey Wilson's first two years in office as "productive" is certainly viewing his tenure thus far through rose-colored glasses. All that has been produced is controversy steming from his determination to promote his own narrow personal agenda and his self-aggrandizing political ambitions.

He seeks to limit personal freedoms and control speech and expression. Worse, he does it through threats and intimidation, throwing around weight and influence that are not his to throw. The citizens of Harford County do not need a father figure to tell us how to use our property or to guide our moral development.

We should be able to depend on the council members (with the obvious exception of Councilwoman Theresa Pierno) to control Wilson's socialistic maneuvering, but it appears they are not equal to the challenge.

Mr. Wilson was correct when he observed that the emperor is naked, but "he" is the emperor. (Former County Executive and Sen.) Habern Freeman said, "Sometimes I think we're all jerks -- the difference is that some of us know it." Mr. Wilson's declining ++ popularity is a sure sign that his constituents know it.

rank W. Soltis


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