Daily wear? Daily care!

February 28, 1993|By Elizabeth Large

You can extend the life and appearance of your clothes with day-to-day maintenance. Here are some suggestions, gleaned from the pages of the "Singer Clothing Care & Repair" book.

* Everyday maintenance includes airing, brushing, ironing or pressing, cleaning and removing spots and stains promptly.

* How carefully you store your clothes; whether you have an organized closet; and how you store out-of-season clothes will affect how often you have to clean and how much care is needed.

* Use plastic, padded or wooden hangers to help clothes maintain shape.

* Brush clothing, especially wool, after wearing.

* Protect new or clean light-colored garments with a fabric

protector, the kind used on upholstery.

* When you machine-wash, sort by color and by fabric type. Man-made fibers can attract oils from natural fibers -- oils that can build up. Separate out delicates and lint-shedders, such as terry cloth. Sort by bulk and sort by degree of dirt.

* To prevent pilling, turn a garment inside out before machine-washing, use slow agitation and use a short drying cycle. Pills can be removed from smooth-textured knits with a razor.

* Knits and garments with trims should be turned inside out before washing to prevent snagging.

* If hand-washing, don't wring or twist: Wet fibers can be fragile.

* Many silks can be hand-washed in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Rinse in cool water, roll in a towel and press immediately with cool iron. Shrinking can occur.

* Prevent iron shine by using a press cloth or by ironing on the garment's wrong side.

* Clean iron and ironing board cover often to prevent a transfer of soil.

* Prevent scorching by using proper setting. Never let an iron rest on fabric.

* Consider dry cleaning for anything labeled "dry clean &r professionally"; for delicate fabrics like silk and chiffon; for tailored items that require professional pressing; for garments that have lost their care labels; and for clothes going into storage.

* Remove expensive buttons or cover them with foil to prevent chipping by a dry cleaner.

* Never put away or store dirty or stained clothes.

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