Going Grunge


February 28, 1993|By Vida Roberts

Struggling, young Seattle grunge bands went unkempt because they were dressing out of thrift shops and crashing where they could. Their clothes were lived-in, broken-down and easy to wear. Their audiences shared that dressed-down attitude, and a style was born.

Some of those grunge bands have stopped struggling and have made it to the top of the record charts. And their way with clothes has climbed out of cellar clubs and into department stores.

Donna Karan, who has a knack for understanding clothes that make people comfortable, was among the first to borrow fashion elements from the young and the rumpled. Her DKNY line for men, women and children incorporates the disregard for matching pieces, the done-in denim and the plaid shirts that mark grunge style.

It's a look that takes the work out of making clothes look unimportant.

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