Ecologically clean"Clean & Green" is printed on recycled...


February 28, 1993|By Elizabeth Large | Elizabeth Large,Staff Writer

Ecologically clean

"Clean & Green" is printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink. That's how committed the publisher, Ceres Press, is to this word-of-mouth best seller that extols the virtues of living, or at least cleaning, in an ecologically sound way.

Author Annie Berthold-Bond, aka the Green Heloise, has written an encyclopedic guide to nontoxic, environmentally friendly housekeeping, including recipes to replace synthetic cleaning products. Here is one of them:

Walnut oil and lemon furniture polish

1/8 cup walnut oil

1/8 cup lemon juice

Combine ingredients in small jar and shake well. Using a soft cotton cloth, rub on furniture to achieve the luster you want.

"Clean & Green" is available in bookstores or by sending $8.95 plus $2 postage and handling to Ceres Press, P.O. Box 87, Woodstock, N.Y. 12498.

Barbara Wilkins works in Chevy Chase but lives in Baltimore, and that's good news for lovers of Laura Ashley's romantic fabrics and classic decorative accessories. Ms. Wilkins is the home stylist at the Laura Ashley Home shop in Chevy Chase, and she's willing to work with customers within 25 miles of the store or her house in Baltimore.

The home stylist program, offered at 10 of the almost 200 Laura Ashley Home shops, is an alternative to hiring an interior designer. Ms. Wilkins will visit your house, take measurements, give advice and coordinate projects bought through Laura Ashley. "I show how to use Laura Ashley in your home," says Ms. Wilkins. "It's not always a romantic, floral look. It can be masculine or formal or casual."

The cost is $75, which includes a follow-up visit. The catch is that to make the most of her services you must buy Laura Ashley furniture, wall coverings, accessories and fabrics. Otherwise Ms. Wilkins will be glad to refer you to other people or suggest other sources, but she won't be able to follow up on her suggestions. For information, call (202) 686-1200.

The first time interior designer Alexander Baer appeared in Southern Accents was in 1987, when his house (one of six he's had over the years) was featured on the cover. "It was the beginning of a great relationship between him and the magazine," says Susan Stiles Dowell, the writer who brought the two together. A year later the Baltimore designer's Key West, Fla., home graced the May/June issue of Southern Accents.

Mr. Baer's primary residence is now a house in Guilford. Ms. Dowell, who lives in Monkton, had heard about it but had never been there until she visited it on a fund-raising kitchen tour. "I knew from the kitchen it would be a wonderful house," she says. And indeed it is, as you can tell from her story in the March/April 1993 issue of Southern Accents, which devotes the cover and 12 glorious color pages to the home. Mr. Baer renovated and designed 14 rooms, many of which are shown. "But we had so many wonderful shots we couldn't begin to use them all," says Ms. Dowell with regret.

You can live in an area for years and not have a reliable plumber, appliance repairman, cleaning service, painter or roofer. For those of us willing to pay an extra $25 a year to get the name of a reliable workman when needed, Maryland OneCall has just opened for business.

Businessman Joe Feldman decided to put together an organization for the bewildered homeowner "after years of suffering through the phone book and listening to 'good advice' from friends and neighbors." It isn't a new idea, but Mr. Feldman feels he has a particularly sophisticated screening process for the contractors he works with. They complete written applications, then Maryland OneCall checks their last six projects, their personal references and their credit ratings. Contractors are also checked for criminal records. Maryland OneCall guarantees its tradespeople's work fully and follows up with personal calls to the homeowner to make sure he or she is satisfied. Services include electrical work, security systems, vinyl siding, wallpapering, pest control, fireplaces, blacktopping, tree service and many others, in addition to those mentioned above. Call (410) 467-2255 for information.

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