School board changes boundaries for Lutherville Elementary School BALTIMORE COUNTY

February 27, 1993|By Mary Maushard | Mary Maushard,Staff Writer

Bowing to community pressure, the Baltimore County school board has overruled its staff in setting the boundaries for Lutherville Elementary School, which will reopen in September.

Fifty-six students from the Hunt Ridge development, just south of Timonium Road, will stay at Pinewood Elementary School instead of being transferred to the renovated Lutherville school in the 1700 block of York Road.

Dozens of parents unhappy with the proposed transfer lobbied the school board heavily to reverse the decision. Several told the board that they had moved to Hunt Ridge specifically because of Pinewood and one father said the group "was trying to keep our children's social lives intact."

The board agreed with the Hunt Ridge residents Thursday, voting 5-2 to change the staff recommendation.

As part of the change, students in three new developments north of Timonium Road -- Pebble Creek, Mayfair and Oaks at Five Farms -- will be assigned to Lutherville rather than Pinewood. These areas are actually closer to Pinewood than Lutherville, although they're far enough from either school to require busing.

The developments will eventually have about 70 elementary school students, according to James Kraft, the schools' planning manager. But most of those houses have yet to be built.

Lutherville will open with 360 students, about 110 below capacity. Pinewood, meanwhile, will remain about 100 over capacity, Mr. Kraft told the board.

About 240 students who live between York Road and Interstate 83 south of Timonium Road and north of Joppa, will move to the new Lutherville school from the existing Lutherville-Timonium Elementary School -- which is likely to be renamed Timonium.

Another 118 students will move from Riderwood. The original staff proposal called for 150 Riderwood students to move to Lutherville, but the staff heard "compelling reasons" to leave 30 more students at Riderwood, said Mr. Kraft. Those students live between Thornton and Mays Chapel roads, north of Seminary.

When Lutherville opens, 60 students now attending the severely overcrowded Pot Spring Elementary School will be moved into the Timonium school. The juggling will leave Timonium and Lutherville elementaries below capacity, Riderwood at capacity and Pot Spring and Pinewood still overcrowded, according to planning department estimates.

Lutherville Elementary School, closed in 1983 because of dropping enrollments, will have 15 classrooms, two kindergartens and two special education classes.

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