A 2-week wait in Maryland

February 27, 1993|By Staff Report

When a prospective customer walks into a gun shop in Maryland to purchase a handgun, he or she must wait two weeks for a state police criminal record check.

Besides handguns, the two-week waiting period also applies to purchases of the Mossburg Bull Pup shotgun and military assault-type rifles, such as the AKS, Colt Sporter and Uzi carbine, which all fire in semiautomatic mode.

Other shotguns and rifles can be bought immediately without a record check, said Melvin Abrams, president of the corporation that operates the Valley Gun Shop, in the 7700 block of Harford Road in Parkville.

For weapons requiring the waiting period, Mr. Abrams said a buyer fills out a registration form to be sent the Maryland State Police, the agency responsible for seeing if an applicant has a criminal record.

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