Dare leads to frozen tongue for boy

February 26, 1993|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

AKRON, Ohio -- It was the dreaded double-dog dare.

That and a temperature of 6 degrees got a 6-year-old Akron boy more than he bargained for.

As any fan of the 1983 Jean Shepherd movie "A Christmas Story" knows, the double-dog dare cannot be ignored. The movie is the story of 9-year-old Ralphie's quest for a BB gun during a 1940s Christmas.

In one scene, one of Ralphie's classmates is "double-dog dared" to stick his tongue to the flagpole to see if it really will freeze.

He does and it does.

On Wednesday morning, movie fantasy became embarrassing fact when an Akron boy took up his friends' dare and stuck his tongue to a cast-iron fire hydrant.

"He couldn't really talk when we got there, but he was crying pretty good," said Akron fire paramedic Doug Fela. Rescuers used a saline solution to free the tongue.

"He said he'd seen the movie and wanted to see if it was really true and when his friends dared him that was it," Mr. Fela said. "The first thing his mother asked him when we took him home was whether he would ever do it again. He said 'no' real quick."

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