Two commissioners headed for Washington

February 26, 1993

Carroll commissioners Donald I. Dell and Julia W. Gouge will meet with county officials from around the country in Washington this weekend at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference.

The commissioners also will have opportunities to meet with representatives from Congress to talk about federal programs and hear up-to-date information on proposed legislation, Mrs. Gouge said.

She is on a committee that studies economic development and employment issues. Mr. Dell is on an agriculture and rural affairs committee.

Earlier this week, Mrs. Gouge was in Washington on behalf of the Council for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching. She represented Maryland and lobbied on behalf of programs at the University of Maryland.

She said she met with various Maryland congressmen and senators and urged them to continue paying for extension, research and teaching programs.

Yesterday, Mr. Dell went to Washington as a member of the Carroll County Farm Bureau to meet with congressmen and talk about farm-related issues.

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