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February 26, 1993|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Staff Writer

A Circuit Court judge yesterday ordered that a 30-year-old Mayo man prone to courtroom outbursts undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is competent to stand trial on breaking and entering charges.

Stephen C. Lamm, who is homeless, will be sent to Crownsville State Hospital for psychiatric tests. He was arrested Oct. 6 after he was found lying on a mattress in a second-floor bedroom in an unlocked home in Mayo that was being remodeled.

The evaluation was requested yesterday by Assistant State's Attorney Warren W. Davis III, who noted that in previous court proceedings Mr. Lamm has "exhibited very, very bizarre behavior."

Mr. Lamm has cursed two prosecutors, fired two public defenders, insisted that a home he is accused of breaking into in the 1200 block of Rogers Avenue belongs to him and has said in court that county jail officials are putting substances in his food that is making his gums recede.

When told by Judge Raymond G. Thieme that he would be transferred to Crownsville, his response was, "Good, at least I could stop eating whatever it is they're giving me at the jail, and start taking Thorazine."

In a previous evaluation at Crownsville, psychiatrists found him competent to stand trial. The doctors said he was feigning insanity.

Mr. Lamm had been ordered by Judge Bruce C. Williams to stay away from the Rogers Avenue community when he was released from jail in October.

But he admitted yesterday that he went back there after his release, saying that he first stopped off at places in Annapolis to look for work.

"I don't think I'm a danger to anyone. As long as they don't mess with me, I won't bother them," he said.

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