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February 26, 1993

Jones Intercable loses bid to grow at Gambrills site

Jones Intercable will not be able to expand onto 10 acres in Gambrills, a county administrative hearing officer has ruled.

The ruling, issued by Thomas G. Ross, a temporary hearing officer, should appease nearby residents, who testified at a hearing last month that the required zoning change would have opened the door to strip shopping centers.

The owner of the land, Baldwin Enterprises, wanted to rezone the land on Route 3, north of St. Stephens Church Road, from residential to commercial, allowing the cable television company expand into a new building.

The company, which has operated for 12 years on three adjacent acres, planned to buy 6.8 acres to build a facility so it could better serve its growing customer base, which now numbers 95,000 subscribers.

Jones Intercable is on land zoned for residential use, taking advantage of a special exception that allows public utilities to build on land zoned for such use.

But company officials testified that the restrictions in a residential zone are too cumbersome, saying if the land was not rezoned, the building and parking lot would have to be smaller. They also said the land should have been zoned commercial in the first place.

Residents of nearby communities said they were worried that one commercial zone would lead to another. "We don't know what will be developed in the future if a broad sweep of commercial zoning is allowed in," said Jordan L. Harding, the town manager for Crofton.

The developer can challenge the decision at the county Board o Appeals.

3 arrested at motel on drug charges

Three people were arrested yesterday morning at a West County motel on drug charges.

Police said they were responding to complaints about drug dealing out of a room at the motel, which they would not to name.

Armed with a search and seizure warrant, members of the Special Operations Section raided the room shortly after midnight and confiscated small amounts of crack cocaine and money.

Charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia were: Gary Michael Watts, 35, of the 100 block of Maple Ave., Glen Burnie; Rhonda Fay Caton, 34, of the 9100 block of Blues Alley, Laurel; and Albert Ray Hardin, 33, of the 1000 block of Harpers Ville Road, in Newport News, Va.

Gambrills man charged with jailing daughter

A Gambrills man has been charged with imprisoning his 19-year-old daughter by locking her in a bathroom and threatening her with a shotgun.

Police arrived at the home in the 1400 block of Kingsway Court about 3:50 p.m. Wednesday. A witness told officers the man had a shotgun and was inside with his daughter. An officer knocked on the front door and heard screams for help, police said.

Officers forced open the door and saw the man holding a belt that was wrapped around a bathroom door knob. The shotgun was leaning against the wall next to him.

Police said they arrested the man, Charles Ball, 48, without incident. His daughter, Nicole Ball, who lives at the home, was released uninjured.

Mr. Ball was charged with assault and false imprisonment.

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