'Homicide' reprieve? Better numbers help

February 26, 1993|By David Zurawik

Barry Levinson's "Homicide" on NBC showed signs of ratings life Wednesday against its toughest competition yet.

In the 29 metered markets, the series did an 8.4 rating and a 12 share during its first half-hour against "Home Improvement" on ABC and the Grammy Awards show on CBS.

The Grammys finished first with a 21.8 rating and 30 share, while "Home Improvement" came in second with a 19.7 rating and 27 share. Fox brought up the rear behind "Homicide" with a 5.9 rating and 8 share for the James Bond film "Licence to Kill." (Each ratings point equals 931,000 TV households).

For the second half-hour, "Homicide" did an 8.7 rating and 12 share compared with a 22.5 rating and 32 share for the Grammys and a 16.3 rating and a 23 share for "Coach" on ABC. Fox continued to trail with a 6.6 rating and 9 share.

"Homicide's" latest ratings are up a bit from the 7.0 rating and 10 share the show earned in its last outing on Feb. 10.

The Baltimore audience for "Homicide" was twice as large as the national one, resulting in a second-place finish for the show locally ahead of "Home Improvement."

In Baltimore, the Grammys had a 24 rating and 32 share for the second hour vs. a 16.7 rating and 22 share for "Homicide" and a 16 rating and 21 share for "Home Improvement." ABC's "Coach" did only an 11.3 rating and 15 share in the second half-hour. (Locally, each ratings point equals 9,200 TV households.)

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