Applicants limited to 9 for farm easementsThe county will...


February 25, 1993

Applicants limited to 9 for farm easements

The county will have to limit the number of applicants in the state's Agricultural Land Preservation program to just nine farmers, said Bill Powel, program administrator for Carroll's Agricultural Land Preservation Program.

Mr. Powel told the commissioners this week that the county will have to adhere to state regulations pertaining to the land preservation program. He said the state has received 233 applications, including 26 from Carroll. But the state will probably not purchase more than 40 easements, or development rights to properties, because of budget constraints.

The county's Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board will select nine applicants based on soil productivity, proximity to other agricultural preservation land and the development potential of the farms, Mr. Powel said.

The advisory board will make its decision March 15. The commissioners will be asked to recommend the applicants to the state on March 30, Mr. Powel said.

Until now, Carroll has not screened applications and has allowed all applicants a chance to participate.

Farmers must enroll to receive their benefits

To be eligible for price support loans, deficiency payments and other benefits in 1993, Carroll County farmers must enroll in the 1993 Acreage Reduction programs.

The 1993 Acreage Reduction requirements are 10 percent for corn, 5 percent for grain sorghum, and zero percent for wheat, barley and oats. Estimated deficiency payment rates are: corn, 72 cents per bushel; grain sorghum, 70 cents per bushel; wheat $1.05 per bushel; barley, 52 cents per bushel; oats, 15 cents per bushel.

Advance payment rates equal 50 percent of these rates. Producers may request advance payment at sign-up time. Estimated deficiency payment rates are the basis for determining the advance payment levels and are the minimum guaranteed payment rates for producers participating in the 0/92 and 50/92 acreage reduction programs.

Farmers participating in the 1993 programs also may plant soybeans or other oilseeds on optional flex acreage. Production from this acreage is eligible for price-support loans.

Sign up for the 1993 Wheat, Feed Grain program, will begin March 1 and run through April 30.

Applications will be accepted at the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), 1004 Littlestown Pike, Suite C, Westminster, Md. 21157. Information: 848-2780.

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