Mayor reconsiders extension of I-795

February 25, 1993

After taking another look at a proposed extension of Interstate 795 through Carroll County, Westminster Mayor W. Benjamin Brown said yesterday it might be a good idea after all, if it diverts some traffic from Route 140 and Route 30.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell presented his idea yesterday for extending I-795 through Carroll to the county's Economic Development Commission.

In addition to extending I-795, Mr. Dell's plan calls for an industrial corridor along Route 140 near Finksburg and the construction of an incinerator at the Northern Landfill near Westminster.

Earlier, Mr. Brown had said the I-795 extension would not help reduce traffic problems on Route 140 in Westminster, and that a Westminster bypass would be needed even if I-795 was extended.

Yesterday, Mr. Brown said the I-795 plan needs further study, particularly of its impact on traffic flow. But if the plan would relieve congestion on Route 140 and Route 30, he said, it would be better than building separate bypasses for Manchester, Hampstead, and Westminster.

"This may be a compromise that meets all of our needs," he said.

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