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February 24, 1993

Graphic designer sought to aid in county planning

Carroll officials are looking for a graphic designer to illustrate village concepts being bandied about in the county's southwest plan.

"The committee is having trouble visualizing that we're not talking about Columbia or a city but a village," K. Marlene Conaway, the county's assistant planning director, told the commissioners yesterday.

She said the county staff does not have the capabilities to provide graphic illustrations, which would give committee members a better idea of what's being considered.

The Southwest Carroll Village Subcommittee has been studying various village concepts to be proposed as part of a master plan for southwest Carroll. Villages, modeled after small towns, have been proposed to accommodate higher residential density.

The southwest plan covers 50 square miles bounded by Routes 97 and 26, and the Frederick and Howard County borders, except for Mount Airy.

The plan, which addresses a variety of growth-related issues, is expected to be given to the county commissioners in the fall.


* Woodbine: : Someone broke into a 1984 Ford Tempo parked in the 700 block of Route 94 between 12:45 a.m. and 2:10 a.m. Sunday and stole a $99 Radio Shack CB.


* Mount Airy: Mount Airy and Winfield assisted Howard County on

a chimney fire on Weller Drive at 3:51 p.m. yesterday. Units were out 48 minutes.

* Winfield: Winfield investigated an unusual odor on Stone House Village Court at 10:40 a.m. Tuesday. Units were out for 23 minutes.

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