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February 24, 1993

Smoke brings firefighters to Pizza Hut

When smoke poured out of the vents at the Westminster Pizza Hut Restaurant Tuesday night, the manager called 911.

"We were just getting ready to close, when the whole restaurant filled with smoke," said Brian Roche, manager. "We thought there was a fire someplace, but the fire department found nothing."

Five customers and several employees evacuated the building in 140 Village Shopping Center, while investigators looked for a cause of the smoke for 60 minutes. Westminster, Reese, Pleasant Valley and Manchester fire companies responded to the 11:13 p.m. alarm.

"An hour call is fairly typical for a restaurant," said Emergency Operations dispatcher Tim Bare.

Fire officials said a transformer near the restaurant had blown and may have caused a short circuit in the kitchen.

Mr. Roche said the building lost electrical power at 10:30 p.m. When the power came back about 30 minutes later, he noticed the smoke.

"Our maintenance department checked the building thoroughly today [Tuesday]," he said.

"They didn't find a thing wrong. We are satisfied that there is no problem."

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