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February 24, 1993

Middleton Tavern faces $14,850 fine by INS

Middleton Tavern, one of Annapolis' oldest establishments, is being fined $14,850 by the Immigration and Naturalization Service for hiring three illegal aliens.

A waiter from Bolivia and two kitchen workers from Venezuela, who had no documents allowing them to be employed in the United States, were arrested in mid-November at the City Dock restaurant.

A former Middleton's employee tipped off the INS, said Thomas E. Perryman, supervisory special agent at the Baltimore office.

"The guy who hired them knew they were in the country illegally," Mr. Perryman said.

Bob Harrison, the manager, denied that the restaurant knowingly hired any illegal aliens. He also said that only one man was arrested at the restaurant in November. The other man was sent by the restaurant to pick up the arrested man's brother in Baltimore, Mr. Harrison said.

"I take exception to the fact that this man said I knew they were illegal. I did not know they were illegal," Mr. Harrison said. "We might have filled out a few documents improperly, but we did not try to bypass anything."

Middleton managers will meet with immigration officials in Baltimore to discuss the case this afternoon. The restaurant has 30 days to pay the fines or appeal the case before an administrative judge. Most cases are settled out of court, Mr. Perryman said.

Officers, civilians commended in rescue

Two police officers and six civilians have been cited for saving a man who tried to jump off the South River Bridge in Edgewater.

Motorists called police on Nov. 15 to report a man who was slowly driving back and forth across the span, which at its peak is 70 feet above the river.

When Officers Brent Weaver and Sonny Pentz arrived moments later, they spotted the man at the peak of the bridge in the northbound lanes. When he saw the officers, he jumped out of his truck and, the officers said, practically "cartwheeled" over guardrails atop the Jersey barrier at the bridge's edge.

"I expected to hear or see the splash," Officer Weaver said. "But as I got close to the spot, I could hear him saying, 'Don't come near me.' "

The man's arm had gotten caught between the two guardrails, breaking his jump. He was hanging onto the ledge with one hand and untangling his other arm from the guardrails.

Both officers were within 5 feet of the man when Officer Weaver -- a police officer for barely a year -- started talking him out of letting go of the ledge.

But the 6-foot-4-inch, 210-pound man fought them by kicking and thrashing around, making it difficult for the officers to maintain their grip.

About six motorists saw the officers, who by then were almost hanging halfway over the bridge railing. One of them managed to grab the man's leg as he kicked in the air, and they all hoisted the man over the guardrail.

"It was teamwork," Officer Pentz said. "It was absolutely perfect between us."

The people who stopped to help all received citizen commendations. They are John Andrews, Michael Guth, James Hagerty, Kevin Hilnbrand, Don Kumer and Army Lt. Jack Wallace.

The awards were presented during ceremonies at Michael's Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie Thursday night.

Marina seeks approval to add 32 boat slips

A Shady Side marina wants to add 32 boat slips, more than doubling its capacity on Parish Creek.

The Leatherbury Point Marina, owned by Jacquelyn Douglass, has sought approval from the Army Corps of Engineers to construct two new piers, one 160 feet long and the other 90 feet, and make other improvements. The expansion would bring the total number of slips to 51.

The corps will accept public comment on the potential impact of the expansion on the environment, navigation, surrounding properties and other uses of the water until March 9.

For additional information, call (410) 962-4252.

Man arrested, charged with assault, theft

A 49-year-old Annapolis man was charged with assault and theft Monday night after he allegedly stole $20 from a woman and waved a steak knife at her cousin, city police said.

Robert Lee Downs, 49, of the 400 block of Chester Ave. was arrested shortly before midnight after a woman flagged down a city police officer to report the theft.

The woman claimed that Mr. Downs had asked her for change for a $20, then snatched the bill in the 1100 block of Madison St. Her cousin told police that she chased the suspect to a nearby recreation center, where he allegedly pulled a knife and waved it at her.

City police arrested the man at Bay Ridge and Chesapeake avenues.


* Edgewater: Burglars broke into a home in the 300 block of Cedar Grove Road sometime between Feb. 1 and Feb. 18 and took $5,000 worth of plumber's tools.

* South River Landing: Someone broke into a 1991 Honda Civic parked in front of a house in the 900 block of South River Landing Road on Saturday and stole a stereo valued at $850.

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