Campaign couple signs for book

February 24, 1993|By Knight Ridder

James Carville and Mary Matalin, the presidential campaign's odd couple, have signed an unusual deal that will see their book published jointly by Random House and Simon & Schuster. The deal is reportedly worth $900,000 to the duo -- he the Bill Clinton strategist and she a high-profile George Bush adviser. The two have had a romantic thing going since January 1991. A publication date of spring 1994 has been targeted.

"We hadn't spoken about the campaign until we started meeting publishers," said Ms. Matalin, 38. "And in more than one instance we got into altercations."

Added Mr. Carville, 49: "By the time this thing is over I'll either have married her or killed her."

The businessmen love it. "You've got a Tracy and Hepburn movie going on here," said Random House executive editor David Rosenthal. Piped up Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, who brokered the deal: "The Hatfields and the McCoys are publishing Capulet and Montague." Added Simon & Schuster CEO Richard Snyder: "Better to make love, not war."

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