Army major ranks in Polar Bear Dunlap beats pack of 400


February 23, 1993|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

Lari Dunlap has made many stops during his 20 years in the U.S. Army, but Saturday, he made his first in the winner's circle of the Polar Bear Run.

Two years ago, he finished third in the Polar Bear, but last year, a tour of Saudi Arabia left him unavailable.

"The racing there [Saudi Arabia] is top-notch," Dunlap said. "There's not as much volume, but the quality is there."

Dunlap finished Saturday's 5K at the Aberdeen area of Aberdeen Proving Ground in 15 minutes, 46 seconds.

"I use to run the same distance in 18 minutes," Dunlap said. "I know I can run 14:40 on the same course in the right conditions and with some competition."

Saturday's conditions were cold. The 13th annual Polar Bear, put on by the Renaissance AllSports Athletic Club, lived up to its name with temperatures in the teens and the threat of snow in the air.

"Yeah, the cold got to me; it really got to me," said Dunlap, 44. "But this was another 100-mile [training] week for me and I was really struggling. That's why I was hoping [James] Pryde or someone would be here to work the heck out of me."

As it was, Dunlap did his running alone, finishing 38 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Eric Estrada.

Three months ago in the National Masters 5K in Columbus, Ohio, Dunlap got the competition he was searching for in the Polar Bear.

"I was leading until 10 meters to the finish," said Dunlap, who finished second in the National Masters. "This fellow from England [Swag Hartel] -- he's a little guy, weighs all of a hundred pounds -- caught me at the end. He timed it right. He's a sprinter and his experience got me.

"Still, I would have been the [U.S.] national champion except he's a green-card holder."

There weren't many of those in Saturday's race as military personnel, their families and civilian personnel constituted the bulk of the 401 finishers.

Perhaps it was only fitting that Dunlap, a major stationed at the proving ground, took the day's honors.

"We're building a home in the area," Dunlap said. "The Army's offering some real good tours right now so I might stay for one more tour, especially if I get to stay here."

Donna Lewis, voted the Baltimore Road Runners Club's Most Improved Female Runner of 1992, was the first women's finisher in 19:32.

"I ran that exact time once before," said Lewis, 38, the cross country coach at Aberdeen High School. "I ran 19:42 at the Super Bowl 5K, but I ran this same time once before."

The top finishers:

Males: 1. Lari Dunlap, 15:46; 2. Eric Estrada, 16:24; 3. Maurice Pointer, 17:06; 4. Bruce Batchelor, 17:30; 5. Virgilio Guytierrez, 17:40; 6. Rfrank Trimble, 17:51; 7. Douglass Robinson, 18:11; 8. Tony Pridgen, 18:15; 9. Larry Emanuel, 18:19; 10. Martin LaGodna, 18:20.

Females: 1. Donna Lewis, 19:32; 2. Christy Moon, 19:58; 3. Angela Parrish, 20:56; 4. Kathryn Wittmer, 21:51; 5. Diane Davis, 22:04; 6. Barbara Johnson, 22:16; 7. Betty Lou Tucker, 22:18; 8. Margaret Baummer, 22:34; 9. Cathleen Cosenza, 22:40; 10. Michelle Pitt, 23:19.


The BRRC's other 1992 award winners: Runner of the Year: Male -- Jerry Jurick; female -- Stacey Nicholson. Open division: Male -- James Pryde; female -- Maureen Hall. Masters: Male -- Dave Lowe; female -- Marge Rosasco. Junior: Male -- Paul Hunnson; female -- Amanda White. Most Improved: Male -- Chris Sinclair.

Sunday's Maryland-District of Columbia Road Runners Club of America Championship 10-Miler at Howard Community College was not held because of snow. . . . The Lady Avia has been rescheduled for July 18. . . . For information on the Last Train to Boston Marathon, run at the Edgewood area of Aberdeen Proving Ground on March 6 at 11 a.m., call Brad Roberts at (410) 638-1091. Times can be used as qualifiers for the 1993 or 1994 Boston Marathon. . . . Claudia Ciavarella set a female masters record with her 3:13.17 finish in the 32nd annual DCRRC Washington's Birthday Marathon in Greenbelt on Feb. 14. . . . Area finishers in Saturday's York (Pa.) Road Runners Indian Rock 10K: Dave Herlocker, 52, Westminster, 45:55; Christine Meadows, 22, Taneytown, 47:57; Bruce Santoni, 35, Westminster, 48:12. . . . The weekend's top finishers:


Annapolis Striders' Washington's Birthday 5K at Arnold

(Saturday's results)

Males: 1. Dave Wall, 16:17; 2. James Garrett, 16:23; 3. Stephen Egolf, 16:31; 4. Anthony Grier, 16:41; 5. Jim Quann, 17:09; 6. Eric Schrader, 17:23; 7. Gary McGuffin, 17:28; 8. Gregory Brandt, 17:28; 9. Matt Mace, 17:34; 10. Tom Prendki, 17:47.

Females: 1. Win Rincon, 19:34; 2. Jill Cesari, 19:43; 3. Lisa Sullivan, 19:44; 4. Heather Barackman, 19:47; 5. Judith Bugyi, 20:23; 6. Deborah Nielson, 20:43; 7. Shauna Donahue, 20:52; 8. Cynthia Symancyk, 21:11; 9. Aileen Hartzell, 22:17; 10. Julie Bailey, 22:20.

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