Council to help fund stream cleanup

February 23, 1993

The Westminster City Council narrowly agreed last night to put up a 3 percent share to qualify for a federal and state grant to clean up a nameless stream that runs along the railroad tracks through the city.

The agreement to spend $5,000 in matching funds in each of the next two fiscal years for the $310,000 grant came over the "no" vote of Councilman Stephen R. Chapin Sr. and objections from Council President William F. Haifley, who votes only to break ties.

Mr. Chapin questioned whether the proposal would actually succeed in reducing pollution in the stream.

Mr. Haifley noted that Westminster has other polluted streams.

Mayor W. Benjamin Brown argued strongly for the grant, saying he believes it can be used to help the city clean the former Koontz Creamery well, which is contaminated by petroleum.

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