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February 23, 1993|By MAUREEN RICE

"Yes, kids, this really is a blizzard," I said Sunday. My kids, who never tire of the tales from the tundra of my childhood, were thrilled. They, Marylanders since infancy, had never seen one.

Of course, the weather men didn't agree with me. I turned on the weather band radio (no resident, or former resident, of the arctic areas is without one) only to find that the several inches of snow on the ground and frosty produce from the skies were merely a "winter storm advisory." Was the National Weather Service asking us to advise them that it really was happening?


The South Carroll Coalition is looking for more people to help with the distribution of petitions and other chores that may help its goals.

"Last October, a patient escaped from Springfield Hospital Center [on Route 32 in Sykesville] and walked right through my neighborhood. He robbed the house a few doors down from me, and a few others," says Mary Ellen Gearheart, vice president of the coalition.

"Some of my neighbors actually spoke to this man and he convinced a teen-ager to give him a ride to the Carrolltowne Mall. Somehow I just don't feel safe with the idea that 23 . . . people are going to be transferred to Springfield from the Rosewood facility.

"The state also wants to make a juvenile detention center there. A lot of the people I've spoken with think that this is a better alternative than the transfer of the Rosewood patients, but they don't understand that it's not one or the other. It's both or nothing."

Ms. Gearheart has, with some other residents, formed and incorporated the South Carroll Coalition to combat these proposals.

"We [she and coalition President Kathy Horneman] have gone to Annapolis to testify against this. We're sending around petitions to show the community's support for our efforts to keep the state from following through with this plan. But we need a lot more help if we're to be successful."

Anyone interested in joining the efforts of the coalition may go to a meeting at Ms. Horneman's home March 11 at 7:30 p.m.

For information, call Ms. Horneman at 549-1730, Ms. Gearheart at 781-7210 or Jeanne Sandruck-Fahey at 549-7252.

Tax deductible donations payable to the South Carroll Coalition may be sent to the organization at P.O. Box 707, Sykesville 21784.


Congratulations to all the winners at Cub Scout Pack 110's Pinewood Derby Friday night in the Optimist Hall in Eldersburg. Race cars made by the boys and their parents took prizes for speed and appearance.

"This year we had a race for the dads, too," said Ann Marie Law, mother of Cub Scouts B. J. and Michael.

"The dads always get so excited about this event that we decided to have a separate race and prizes for cars the dads could make and enter in their own names. This way we figured they'd make their own cars, and let the boys make a car by themselves -- which is what the derby is all about."

Joe Young, father of Adam Young, made all of the wooden trophies handed out.

The fastest car, made by 10-year-old Mike Haron, was the grand prize winner, followed by 6-year-old Greg Fraser's creation. Third place went to B. J. Law, age 11.

Speed is fun, but not to ignore originality, prizes were awarded to Justin Decker and Adam Young for the most aerodynamic cars; to Michael Jordan and Anthony DeStephano for best paint job; to Tim McLaren and Mike Young for most awesome; to Michael Fill and Chris Berzinski for most imaginative; to Michael Cosh and B. J. Law for best use of theme; to Eric Wright and Greg Fraser for most unusual; and to Kevin Justice and John Haines for best overall.

Victor Haron, father of Mike Haron, the owner of the fastest car, took the prize in the dads' race. "Denleader Dan" Borleis took the prize for the best paint job.

Way to go, dads!


The Freedom Optimists Club, which sponsors the Sykesville Raiders Football Team, is offering a "Sock Hop" for children in grades three through six from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday at the Eldersburg Community Center on Route 32.

The fund-raiser for the football team and cheerleaders is so popular that the Optimists are considering having a sock hop each month.

Tickets, at $3 each, will be available at the door. Information: Ann Marie Law, 795-0297.


The American Red Cross is offering a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for children and infants at the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Eldersburg on March 13 and March 16. Both dates are required for the certificate.

"This is a good course for all parents, and it's great for day care providers because it fulfills the requirement for six hours of health education," said Peggy Miller, the church's publicity chairman,

The class size is limited and registration is required. For information, call the church at 795-6333.

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