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February 23, 1993

Repair plan requested for apartments

Managers of a dilapidated Annapolis apartment complex have been asked to submit a plan today to correct about 600 housing violations uncovered by city inspectors.

Annapolis housing officials found electrical wiring problems, outdated gas stoves, leaking ceilings, dilapidated metal stairs and other safety hazards at Bay Ridge Gardens during an annual visit in December. The low-income apartment complex is struggling to overcome years of neglect.

A new management company that took over Bay Ridge Gardens in August has made basic repairs, from fixing leaking roofs to sweeping the stairwells clean. But city housing inspectors are calling for an overhaul.

City officials met last week with the housing manager from Shelter Properties Corp., a Baltimore company that specializes in turning around troubled low-income housing.

The group wants to buy the site but is struggling to line up financing to make all the necessary repairs, said Russ Morgan, chief of Annapolis' Bureau of Inspections and Permits.

A group of investors owns the complex off Bay Ridge Avenue, which was built in 1971 with low-interest federal loans. The city has threatened to condemn the project if it is not renovated by the end of the year.

"We want to get the safety issues resolved," Mr. Morgan said. nTC "We're here to ensure that the tenants have safe living conditions. It's as simple as that."


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