Reluctant Redskins again are sent packing for Europe

February 22, 1993|By Vito Stellino

The Washington Redskins, who are reluctant tourists, apparently will be going to Europe again.

Although they're not happy about it, the Redskins are scheduled to travel to Europe for the second straight year, to play the Minnesota Vikings in Berlin on Aug. 7.

It's one of four foreign games the NFL has set up this year. The Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills are scheduled for a Super Bowl rematch in London on Aug. 7, the Pittsburgh Steelers will play the San Francisco 49ers in Barcelona on Aug. 1 and the New Orleans Saints will play the Philadelphia Eagles in Tokyo on Aug. 1.

All except the 49ers-Steelers game are playoff rematches.

The Redskins made their first trip to Europe last August to play the 49ers in London. Coach Joe Gibbs, who had opposed European games in the past, agreed to make the trip at the request of the players.

Gibbs didn't want to make the trip again this summer because he feels it disrupts training camp, he said. But the league has passed a rule that teams no longer can turn down the trips.

When the NFL informed the Redskins they were scheduling the trip, Washington officials protested they shouldn't be forced to make the trip two years in a row. The protest fell on deaf ears and the Redskins appear to have no choice but to make the trip.

Because they are one of the league's glamour teams and are located in the nation's capital, the Redskins are a popular attraction in Europe.

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