Insomnia, February 1991

February 22, 1993|By Eileen Tarcay

Not only I -- but mothers in Baltimore,

and ones near Jeddah hearing the B-52s roar


Not only I -- but the girl from Boston out

in the desert

and the Bedouin girl, both lifting their heads in fear,

Not only I -- but the old man in Tel Aviv

and the one in Baghdad clutching their chests,

Not only I -- but the child under the bed in Basra

and the U.S. Air Force wife in Adana,

Not only I -- but all of us lay wakeful those nights

agonized and amazed as two weapons-proud

men altered

the geography we learned by heart.

Only the young woman protesting, marching all day,

waving her banner, linking arms,

And the young man flying his sortie, driving his tank,

following a commander,

And that aging woman writing to the president,

Only they could sleep good sleep most

February nights that year.

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