Joshua Cox, a disabled boy who attended the presidential...


February 22, 1993

Joshua Cox, a disabled boy who attended the presidential inauguration ceremonies as a guest of Vice President Al Gore's wife, Tipper, died Saturday at Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio from complications of pneumonia. Dean Cox, father of the 12-year-old, said the boy had been in a coma for eight days. Joshua suffered from multipli, a severe form of mental retardation and cerebral palsy caused by a lack of oxygen at birth. He couldn't walk or talk, and could hear only with hearing aids. The Coxes became friends with Mrs. Gore when she visited the hospital during a campaign stop last summer. The family accepted an invitation to the inaugural ceremonies last month in Washington as one of 50 "Faces of Hope."

* Ferruccio Lamborghini,Ferruccio Lamborghini, 76, the founder of the luxury car company bearing his name, died Saturday at a hospital in Perugia, Italy, after suffering a heart attack earlier this month. Mr. Lamborghini, born in a town near Ferrara in central Italy, began his industrial career by starting a tractor business shortly after World War II. He used recycled German tanks left behind in Italy to make his products. In 1959, in Sant'Agata

Bolognese near Bologna, he opened an ultra-modern factory to build the cars that eventually would compete with Ferraris and Maseratis, and within a decade had an industrial empire producing heaters, tractors, auto parts and "super cars" constructed for stars such as Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

* Michael Morrison,Michael Morrison, 33, an actor on the CBS soap opera "As the World Turns," was found dead Thursday in a friend's apartment in New York. The cause of death was not immediately known. He had played Caleb Snyder on the show since 1988. He also acted in Joseph Papp's Shakespeare Theatre in Central Park, several Broadway productions and the CBS movie "Hobson's Choice."

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