Rookies rejuvenate NBAThere is no doubt that Michael...


February 21, 1993

Rookies rejuvenate NBA

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing are great players, but does the NBA miss Larry Bird and Magic Johnson? I think so.

Together, Bird and Johnson combined for eight championships and six MVP awards in each of their 12- year careers. In his last season, Magic broke the NBA assists records with more than Bird won the three-point contest more than once. The NBA was almost bankrupt with players until these two arrived. They were the saviors of the league.

The future of the NBA looks promising with rookies ShaquillO'Neal, Alonzo Mourning, Christian Laettner and Tom Gugliotta. But guards?

Jimmy Jackson is still holding out for the big bucks. WalWilliams, maybe, but, at times he gets a little shot-happy.

The last decent guard would be Harold "Baby Jordan" Miner. Iseems that he is not getting the playing time this year, although he is a promising project.

This year's draft looks a little limited, but the '94 draft will bgreat. The NBA may have lost great players, but they are being replaced by outstanding new rookie sensations. Look for the NBA to get stronger.

Sean Brennan


5/8 I find it odd that with all the self-promotion we hear from WBAL Radio ("the most listened-to station in Maryland"), management there is unable to air a quality sports talk show. I suppose Jeff Rimer is fine if you limit your questions to the Orioles, but don't say anything negative about them.

Ask Rimer about anything else and he's lost, although he'll try to con you into believing he knows what he's talking about.

So while WBAL sticks with a loser, the area's best hosts are relegated to smaller stations. Tom Davis and Art Sinclair are easily superior to Rimer, and perhaps the best of all -- Phil Wood -- works out of Washington now.

The most refreshing new voice belongs to WITH's Nestor Aparicio.

Geoff Renshaw


Where's the Spirit?

I am a Spirit fan. I personally would rather watch the news on television than read the newspaper, but every day I check the newspaper to see if anything has been written about the Spirit. I am sad to report that there is nothing written about the Spirit unless a game has been played the day before.

This must change. How can the Spirit gather the fanfare of thcity if the city does not know about the team? I talk to people at work about the Spirit, and half -- if not all -- of them have not even heard of the Spirit.

After I tell people about the Spirit and take them to the gamwith me, they always have a good time. The Spirit is a wonderful team and almost always produces a terrific game.

I would like to see an article about the Spirit saying how amazinit is. Here is a team that is in a new league and in first place.

The Spirit is attracting about 3,000 to 4,000 fans each game. I believe that with more coverage from your section, the Spirit could gather more fans.

Tamie Blank


Baseball fans' double

With the season opener for the Orioles less than two months away, baseball fans in the area are in for a double treat, now that the Bowie Baysox will occupy Memorial Stadium for the summer.

This last development is particularly welcome for those of us who have neither the inclination nor the ability to travel to Camden Yards. One report has it that the Baysox owners are concerned about lack of attendance. Not to worry.

In addition to its nostalgic appeal, the stadium offers for the coming season plenty of parking, available seating and the opportunity to see potential major-leaguers in action. In fact, attendance may be such that the owners of the Baysox might be loathe to depart the premises.

Abner Kaplan



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