Name: William Ford of PasadenaAccomplishments/ Interests...

Volunteer Spotlight

February 21, 1993

Name: William Ford of Pasadena

Accomplishments/ Interests: Mr. Ford is one of the more than 100 volunteers who serve in the Maryland State Police program known as VIPS -- Volunteers In Police Support.

In his capacity as a fingerprint technician, Mr. Ford takes prints and helps maintain fingerprint records for an estimated 10,000 Baltimore-Washington International Airport employees.

The need to update the records is constant, as IDs expire at the same time as an individual's driver's license.

Mr. Ford normally works about three hours a day, three days a week. During Operation Desert Storm, with many state troopers called to military duty and the airport placed on high-alert status, Mr. Ford put in 40-hour weeks for more than five weeks, BWI office manager Betty Kelm said.

Mr. Ford is noted for such dedication, Ms. Kelm said. "He's a real treasure," she said.

Mr. Ford is retired. He volunteered with Civil Defense in Baltimore and assisted with communications during some of the area's most turbulent times, including the 1968 riots.

The VIPS program was started in 1985 to assist the state police in such areas as typing, filing, fingerprinting, computer data input and community outreach programs.

Anyone interested in joining VIPS should call 653-4278.

Volunteer's comment: Mr. Ford says he "would like to stay with law enforcement."

Organization's comment: Daniel Burkhardt, a fellow volunteer at the airport office, said Mr. Ford "is a dedicated volunteer and he does a terrific job, getting along with everybody. We're fortunate to have him."

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