Suns to play in Germany

February 20, 1993|By Alan Goldstein

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Phoenix Suns, who have become Western Conference favorites to reach the finals since the addition of All-NBA forward Charles Barkley, will represent the NBA in the 1993 McDonald's Open in Munich, Germany, Oct. 21-23.

NBA commissioner David Stern made it clear that Barkley's charismatic personality was a principal reason for choosing the Suns.

Phoenix will compete against the top club teams in Europe in the annual tournament co-sponsored by the NBA and FIBA, Europe's ruling basketball body.

This will mark the first time Germany has been host for the event.

Reminded of Germany's growing minority problems, Barkley said, "I don't know nothing about that. If I don't see it on CNN, it's news to me."

Turning to basketball, Barkley said, "There will be a lot of pressure on us. We don't want to be the first pro team to lose over there."

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