Getaway hits a snag: 25 rookie officers

February 19, 1993|By Newsday

NEW YORK -- They're calling him the Keystone Robber.

A bank robbery suspect in the Bronx was making his getaway yesterday when he ran into trouble: 25 housing police officers on a training exercise.

When the suspect changed direction and sprinted away from the police officers, he stumbled into another unexpected obstacle: the front door of the Housing Police 7th Precinct station house.

Raymond Wilson, 20, was arrested by housing Detective Steven Lovell. Police said they recovered $5,000 from the suspect. A second man remains at large.

"The guy should have just brought the handcuffs with him," said Amanita Duga-Carroll, a spokeswoman for the housing police.

The incident began when a gunman and accomplice robbed a Citibank branch at 149th Street and Courtlandt Ave.

The robbers were spotted by a group of 25 rookie housing officers who had just been given instructions to monitor their radios closely. When the descriptions of the two robbers was broadcast, they officers chased the two men.

"This guy was like a Keystone robber," said housing officer Michael Fitzsimons. "He tried to run, but we had officers


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