HERE'S a shocker for baby boomers: Yoko Ono turned 60...


February 19, 1993

HERE'S a shocker for baby boomers: Yoko Ono turned 60 yesterday.

Yoko 60? Her husband, the late John Lennon, remains frozen in (( our memories at a younger age, killed by a crazy gunman at 40. For the most part, Ms. Ono has stayed out of the public eye since that awful December night in 1980. Even though many Beatles fans regarded her as the older woman who stole John's heart and triggered the break-up of the group, Ms. Ono was always a much more complicated figure than that.

A Baltimore man recalled spending another of her birthdays in the company of the famous couple. It was 1970, and John and Yoko were still in their first year of marriage. During their extended honeymoon the previous summer, they had been refused entrance into the United States because of a drug conviction and had gone instead to Toronto, where they held a "bed-in" for peace. For a week, a camera crew recorded 12 hours a day of John and Yoko broadcasting from their bed to the United States and discussing the Vietnam War and other issues of the day with a stream of visitors.

By the next February, they were eager to finish turning the footage into a documentary entitled "Bed Peace," and they were spending long hours in a London cutting room where our friend was editing the film. The two were inseparable, he recalled, even accompanying each other to the bathroom.

On the big day, John, ever the romantic, had ordered flowers to arrive every hour. More appreciated by the film production crew, however, was the first class caviar John had ordered from Fortnum and Mason.

Yoko's reaction? She liked the caviar. And after the first few deliveries, she took the flowers in stride.

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