Town works to safeguard students NORTH -- Manchester * Hampstead * Lineboro

February 19, 1993

Hampstead Councilman Lewis O. Keyser Jr. says he will meet with Police Chief Kenneth Russell to discuss how to ensure the safety of children who walk to Spring Garden Elementary School.

At this week's Town Council meeting, Mr. Keyser recommended several safety improvements near the school, including increased police patrols, three new crosswalks and new school crossing signs warning of a 15-mph speed limit during school hours.

Chief Russell said that at the beginning of the school year, about 126 children were walking to Spring Garden Elementary School daily.

Laura Womer, who lives on Gaming Square, said her 6-year-old son, Bryan, who attends the school, still would have no safe place to cross Boxwood Drive.

Mr. Keyser suggested that a crossing guard could help Bryan cross at an unmarked crosswalk. But Chief Russell said that would encourage other children to cross at unmarked crossings.

"That's encouraging them to say, 'The heck with what the policeman says,' " Chief Russell said.

Officials decided that a crossing guard would help Bryan cross while the matter is under further discussion.

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